Privacy Policy


Our Relationship with the Clients

    At Viettours, we like to think of ourselves not as a travel company but rather a company of travelers. We strive to incredible travel experiences to share with our tour members. And obviously, the more we know about our tour members, the more we can customize their experience. As we plan your trip, we ask for some mandatory and some optional information in our F.I.T Planner Form; in turn, we promise to protect this information and ensure that it remains confidential. We also promise never to sell your information to anyone.

What We Ask for and Why

    You can book a trip or make a reservation by contacting our travel consultant team or by visiting our website. At that time, we will ask you to provide some basic information (such as name, phone number and credit card number and expiry date) so that we can identify you, contact you and process your booking. We may also need your gender and age for identification purposes or Vietnam visa application. However, we may need more information than is required for a standard travel booking, as we strive to offer an unparalleled level of customized service. Below is a description of the extra information we may require.

  • Dietary requirements: We understand that many people prefer or are required to follow certain diets. We try to accommodate these choices and needs whenever possible. To accomplish this, your dietary preferences need to be recorded in your booking. This information is then transferred to your Viettours’ guides who will in turn contact the various restaurants and hotels to ensure that your requirements can be met.
  • Physical and health details: we need to obtain information about your age, gender, height and general health so that we can provide you with the appropriate equipment and ensure your personal health and safety.
  • Flight and passport information: We request your flight information in order to provide you with any necessary airport pick-up or drop-of services and/or to ensure that you will have adequate time to get to the airport for your flights. For some trips, we request passport information because it is required by our local service providers (a hotel or a ship) or to facilitate your transportation while on a trip with us.
  • Occupation information: Almost all visitors are required to have valid visa to enter Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. We may ask you about your occupation for visa application.
  • “How you heard about us” information: We are always interested in how our tour members heard about Viettours. We may ask you for information about how you heard about us and what types of media you watch and read. We gather this information to enable us to understand which marketing and advertising tools are most effective for us.


If you feel that Viettours has not complied with this Privacy Policy or if you are otherwise concerned with Viettours personal information practices, then you may file a complaint by sending a letter to Mr. Phuc Luu, Director, Viettours, 104 Nguyen Cong Tru St., Dist. 1 – HCM City – Vietnam or email to Complaints or requests for information shall be the object of an investigate or response within 30 business days. If the compliant is justified, Viettours will take the appropriate measures to address the complaint, including access to the requested information, by proceeding with rectification or, as the case may be, by amending its Policy and practices.